16 Pantry Basics You Can Make At Home

Growing up, I didn’t realize just how many things I could make from scratch. I grew up on bottled salad dressings and condensed soups. I’ll never forget the first time I read about making my own cream of mushroom soup. I was floored by how easy it was, and it really didn’t add a ton of time to what I was cooking.

Since that day, I’ve learned how to make a lot of pantry items from scratch and have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of not relying heavily on canned items.

Yes, I said FREEDOM! I remember the feeling of defeat I used to have when I wanted to make a recipe but didn’t have the canned goods in my pantry. Since I’ve learned how to make things on my own, I just have to have a few basics stocked up, and the possibilities are endless.

If looking at this round-up overwhelms you, and you think, “There’s no way I can make all these things from scratch all the time!” — have no fear! I totally hear you!

Just start with one item and master making it. Use it in several different recipes, and before you know it, making it from scratch will become like second nature. Once you’ve got it down, move to another item and repeat the process. You’ve got this!